شروط الإستخدام

Terms of Use

The WhatsLinks website aims to facilitate the communication process via the WhatsApp application between social networking merchants and customers, by converting the WhatsApp number from text to a short link that is easy to share and trade. To achieve this, we ask dear users to read the following terms, understand them well, and adhere to them. In the event that they do not: Agreeing to these terms, we ask you not to register and create a membership in it. When you register on the WhatsLinks website, you fully agree to and abide by all the terms. Correctness of information: The user is obligated to provide correct information about himself and bears full responsibility for any incorrect information he added. Not to create more than one account: The user is obligated not to create more than one account on the WhatsLinks website, and if there is a problem with the account, he must contact the site administration to solve the problem he faces. Use of the account: • The user registered in WhatsLinks undertakes that he is the only person who uses the account and is fully responsible for it. • “WhatsApp” and those responsible for it disclaim any responsibility for all damages that may result from any use, and the user bears all the consequences resulting from that. • The user acknowledges his full knowledge and awareness that the “WhatsLinks” website is not an official service provided by “Facebook” or its subsidiaries. User age: The user undertakes that he is over 18 years old, and the WhatsApp website has the right to request official proof to verify his age. Mobile number: The user is obligated to provide his own mobile number only and is not entitled to provide another number that belongs to another person. Suspending accounts and requesting documents: The WhatsApp website has the right to stop the user’s account and all services related to it when there is doubt about the validity of the data. The website has the right to request official documents and proofs that prove the user’s identity and prove ownership of the mobile number. Violation of terms: WhatsApp has the right to suspend the account of a user who does not comply with the site’s terms without referring to him or alerting him. Suspension of accounts: • Use the link for anything other than what is designated for “e-commerce via social networks”. • Use the link to sell, rent, promote or market goods and services prohibited in accordance with the regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. • Use the link to spread annoying or harmful messages to others via any electronic or non-electronic means. • Using the link for political, religious or sexual activities. • Use the link to publish and share files protected by intellectual property rights. • Use the link to publish and share anything that conflicts with the teachings of the Islamic religion. • Using the link in an activity that causes harm to others, whether they are individuals, governmental or private entities. • Sell, rent, or assign the link to another person. Stopping the service: